Swimming Pool Safety Products & Tips

Swimming Pool Safety is extremely important to consider when owning a Swimming Pool. The safety of your family and friends can be ensured with a bit of planning and forethought. There are several safety options available that will enable you to take a layered approach to Pool Safety and feel good about providing a fantastic place to have fun and be safe while doing it.

Whether you own an inground pool, above ground pool, inflatable pool, decorative pond, or any device that holds a substantial amount of water, you need to be safety conscious. It takes only a few inches of water to drown a small child and 100% of drowning accidents happened when pool owners thought their Swimming Pool was safe or that it wouldn't happen to them.

The best way to incorporate Swimming Pool Safety is to use the layered approach to provide a back-up in case one level fails. The following methods can all be effective and more than one method should be considered. It is advised that you check with your local municipal by-laws as some or all the following may be required.

Pool Safety Fences:

Sturdy Safety Pool Fences surrounding your pool will help prevent children and pets from entering the pool area always. They are used to separate the pool area from your residence or an adjacent entranceway and are the first layer of protection you can provide.

Swimming Pool Alarm Systems:

Swimming Pool Alarm Systems capable of detecting a child or pet entering the water at any point on the surface of your pool are an absolute must. Pool alarms should be something you consider enhancing your overall pool swimming pool safety. If a child manages to get through an open or unlocked fence, a pool alarm is the last line of defense.

Pool Door Alarms:

A Pool Door Alarm is an excellent addition to a self-closing gate or latching system. A gate alarm is easy to install and maintain and can be heard from long distances away some units have an alarmed remote device. They are a very affordable way to add a layer of safety.

Pool Safety Signs:

Pool Safety Signs are simple yet they provide numerous benefits. Signs can include a unique message or provide instructions in case of emergency. The options available are almost endless, you can be sure to find a sign that works.

Motion Sensor Lighting:

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting is a great addition to the overall safety of your outdoor pool environment. Outdoor lighting will provide light at night and alert you if someone is in your pool area, whether it's a child or an unwanted intruder. The benefits are numerous for a very easy to install and affordable option.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras:

An Outdoor Surveillance Camera is often overlooked as a swimming pool safety device. If you need to spend time inside while your children are outside, a strategically placed camera can be very useful in providing safety and security. Place the monitor in an office, kitchen, or garage to monitor your pool from inside your residence. It’s important to note that direct supervision should always be present and a camera should only act as a supplemental device.

Solid Safety Pool Covers:

Similar in that they provide an excellent child safety barrier, Solid Safety Pool Covers will provide durable protection. They are susceptible to accumulating water and snow, but depending on the climate you live in, may be the right choice for you.

Mesh Safety Pool Covers:

Mesh Pool Safety Covers will offer a lightweight and sturdy barrier to keep children out of your pool. They have a screen-like filtration that allows water and melted snow to sift through that prevents it from building up on the surface. It will help keep everything else out including children.

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